Owner's Rep
We Provide MORE than Constructive Advice
10 Reasons to Hire Owner's Rep

1. Feasibility Study / Due Diligence

“Is there someone (who understands construction) who can create the proforma for my project and see it through to completion?”
“Does my new use comply with local codes & zoning?”
“Are there grants available for my project?”

2. Cost Estimating/Monitoring
“Can I afford this property/building AND the cost of construction?”
“My project is in danger of Change Order overload.”

3. Design and Construction Team
“I have a great _________________ (builder, architect, banker), how can I round out my team for a successful project?”
“What’s the best delivery method for my project? Design Build, Guaranteed Maximum Price, Lump-Sum Agreement, Cost Plus,
Construction Manager/ General Contractor/Both.”

4. Initial Decision Maker – IDM
“I’d like to have a 3rd party on standby.”
“ We have a legitimate claim and need an objective decision/opinion.”
“Our agreement calls for an independent Initial Decision Maker.”

5. Owner Advocacy
“I’d like someone to be my advocate during construction while I run my business.”
“Who’s watching my construction costs?”
“Our company is moving and we can’t afford “down time.”

6.Value Engineering
“Can I substitute materials or methods and still afford my project without jeopardizing it’s integrity.”

7. Dispute Resolution
“My project is stalled.”
“I want some additional work but want to minimize any schedule delays/changes.”

8. Project Close-out
“Is there a 3rd party who can certify Substantial Completion?”
“This will require forensic construction accounting.”

9. Progress & Completion Inspections
“Our bank needs a professional inspector to determine the percentage of completion for our construction projects.”
“Am I getting what I wanted and what I’m paying for?”

10. Expert Witness
“The builder failed to meet the standards in the agreement and scope.”
“I’d like professional photography of my project.”
“Owner’s Rep can provide testimony and a report for us.”

Owner's Rep